Grievance Procedure

Great Circle Grievance Procedure

Great Circle recognizes that, at times, difference of opinions will occur between clients and the agency. While it is expected that each client take responsibility for open, direct communication and problem-solving, the following is the procedure for expressing and resolving concerns when routine methods have not been successful.



The goal of Great Circle is to deliver the highest quality and most appropriate services to all persons served.

If at any time a client is dissatisfied with decisions made about the services provided to him/her by Great Circle or a staff member, and the client has not been able to resolve the matter, he/she is entitled to express that dissatisfaction through an appeal/grievance process without fear of retaliation. Clients may file an appeal/grievance in writing or orally, if written expression is difficult.

A copy of the Appeal/Grievance Policy for Persons Served will be given to all persons served upon admission to Great Circle.


  1. Each client is to receive and review the grievance procedure during his/her initial orientation to the agency.
  2. A client, client’s parent/guardian, referring agency representative, visitor or any other person connected with Great Circle is encouraged to share a concern, complaint or grievance at any time.
  3. While a concern, complaint or grievance may be expressed to any staff member at Great Circle, staff should discuss any issues or concerns with the client or provider. Hopefully, a mutually agreed upon resolution can be achieved through this process.
  4. All allegations of mistreatment of a child must be investigated immediately per Great Circle’s Mandated Reporting policy.
  5. If a satisfactory resolution to the grievance cannot be reached, the client should complete a Grievance Form, which is available from all Great Circle staff. The client also may contact the Director of Performance Improvement to receive a form. Great Circle staff may assist clients or providers in completing the form, if necessary.
  6. The Grievance Form is forwarded to the program supervisor and documentation of attempts to resolve the grievance included. If the grievance is resolved, the completed Grievance Form is forwarded to the Program Director and Director of Performance Improvement. The complainant may request a written response.
  7. The Program Director will initiate an investigation. This includes, but is not limited to: face-to-face interview with the client, interview with other personnel and a client record review. Activities during the investigation and the findings are documented on the Grievance Form and the client/complainant should be provided a written response. If the grievance is resolved, a copy of the completed Grievance Form is forwarded to the Director of Performance Improvement.
  8. If a mutually agreed upon resolution is still not met, the Program Director will immediately send the Grievance Form to the VP/Chief Program Officer (CPO). The VP/CPO and Chief Operating Officer will schedule a meeting with the complainant within 10 business days. The client/complainant will be notified in writing of the final decision within five days of this meeting. This is the final level of the grievance process. The completed Grievance Form is forwarded to the Director of Performance Improvement.
  9. If the client/complainant is not satisfied with the final step of the process, he/she will be referred to the Child Advocate’s Office or another state agency as requested. 


Additional Information:

Any Great Circle employee who is the focus of a grievance will be informed of the grievance against him/her and interviewed as part of any investigation.

The Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Department will track and review grievances quarterly. All grievance forms will be stored in a Grievance Log maintained by the Compliance and Safety Coordinator.

Corrective action resulting from identified trends in the Grievance Log will be pursued or delegated for improvement by the PQI Department.