Behavioral Issues


If you’ve noticed or are beginning to notice marked changes in the way your child or teen behaves and handles their emotions, you’re not alone. And neither are they.

Many other children, parents and families are facing similar challenges. And depending on your child’s age, some of what they are experiencing could point to normal development issues.

But by learning about child development and behaviors typically associated with various stages of development, you can understand changes in your child or children’s behavior and proactively address the issues at hand.

Of course, some changes may not be related to normal development. If this is the case with your child, it’s important to note how quickly the change occurs and the degree to which it is occurring. If you have questions about your child’s behavior, consult your doctor or a mental health professional for guidance.

Millions of American youth live with mental health issues. Early detection is an important first step to getting children and teens the help they need to thrive.


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