Emergency Shelters: Springfield, Poplar Bluff & Doniphan


Great Circle operates three separate emergency shelters for children and women dealing with  domestic/sexual violence, family crisis or who are homeless. The shelters provide short-term housing, for up to 30 days, for children, ages newborn to 18, and women who cannot remain in the family home for safety reasons.

For the children, the shelters:

  • provide a safe haven while they are awaiting either reunification with their families or alternative long-term housing in a foster care placement.
  • provide temporary shelter when the family is experiencing a short-term crisis.

During their stay at the shelters, individuals also can connect to other Great Circle behavioral health services to address their psychological and physical needs.


Springfield – Children’s Emergency Shelter/Ozark Family Resource Center

Great Circle’s Ozark Family Resource Center (OFRC) has been serving primarily children in southwest Missouri since 2001. Located on the Springfield campus, 1212 West Lombard, it can house a maximum of 20 children.

OFRC shelters youth who:


Poplar Bluff – Children’s Emergency Shelter & Ozark Foothills Child Advocacy Center

The children’s emergency shelter in Poplar Bluff opened in October 2018 and serves primarily children in southeast Missouri. It is located at 2701 Holly Trail. It can house a maximum of 9 children.

The Poplar Bluff shelter houses children who:

This location also houses Great Circle’s Ozark Foothills Child Advocacy Center, which provides compassionate forensic interviewing and sexual assault exams in response to alleged child abuse situations. The Center also provides advocacy and support to child victims and non-offending parents/caregivers, and referrals to mental health counseling. Click here for more information.


Doniphan – Women’s Crisis Shelter

The shelter, which has been operating since 2003, serves women and children affected by domestic violence and homelessness in southeast Missouri. Along with safe, secure housing, the shelter provides guidance and support with related legal issues, counseling services, and housing & clothing assistance to help families rebuild their lives. Click here for more information.


24/7 Emergency Helplines

Do you need emergency shelter for yourself or a youth in your care? We are here to help! You can call our emergency helplines to discuss how we can help:

  • In Springfield/southwest Missouri, (417) 861-4244
  • In Poplar Bluff/southeast Missouri, (573) 609-2227
  • In Doniphan/southeast Missouri, toll-free (800) 681-1419 or (573) 573-351-1185


teen mom

“I left a bad home situation because it wasn’t safe for me and my baby, but then I was a homeless, unemployed, teen mom. I didn’t have anywhere to go and I was terrified my baby would be taken from me. The Empowering Youth program took us both in and I was able to keep my baby with me while the kind staff helped me figure out our next step. They helped me find a longer term transitional living program so I can get back on my feet and provide a better life for my baby.”


The Joint Commission
National Children’s Alliance

Partners & Sponsors of These Programs

Department of Health & Human Services
Missouri Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
United Way of the Ozarks
Victims of Crime Act