Supervised Visitation


Creating a strong, safe family unit is a top priority at Great Circle. One method to accomplish that goal is the Supervised Visitation program. It offers parents the opportunity to work toward reunification after their children are separated from the family home because of safety or health concerns.


Program Details

Regular visits between estranged parents and their children is important to rebuild the family unit. During these visits, supervised by a trained Great Circle social worker, parents whose children are currently in foster care receive one-on-one guidance to help improve parenting skills. Parent skill-building focuses on positive discipline techniques, greater understanding of child development, improving family communication and relationships, and implementing strategies to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

Often required through court order, Supervised Visitation is a free service to the family. Fund comes through Missouri’s Department of Social Services Children’s Division. Generally, the visits occur weekly.

Supervised visitation is often coupled with other parent education/training opportunities.  Click here to link to other parent education programs Great Circle offers.

Availability of Services
Great Circle provides Supervised Visitation to Missouri families only in the following regions:

  • Central and Southwestern

Boone County – Central region: In Boone and Callaway Counties only, Supervised Visitation is offered to families referred to the Boone County Juvenile Office by attorneys working with parents who are in the process of negotiating custody of their children. Parents agree to participate and are informed of this service by their personal attorney. Services are provided on a sliding scale copay fee and last for 12 hours.



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"It helps me take a look at life from another viewpoint besides my natural inclinations. I've learned to slow down and consider alternatives which could lead to more positive life choices."


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