Great Circle receives $10,000 from Monsanto Fund

Grant supports art therapy work with St. Louis area children

Great Circle receives $10,000 from Monsanto Fund

(St. Louis, February 2, 2017) Monsanto Fund has recently provided a $10,000 grant to Great Circle in support of the art therapy program at its St. Louis-area school.  As part of its comprehensive spectrum of behavioral health services, Great Circle operates a private K-12 school on its Webster Groves campus, 330 N. Gore. Students receive a blend of educational instruction and therapeutic experiences to help them work through behavioral health issues or to overcome barriers in their lives, including those caused by trauma, abuse, or autism and other communication disorders.

Through its school and many after-school and community-based programs, Great Circle uses a variety of artistic and musical therapies to promote independence, cognitive, emotional, and social management, and improve the communication capabilities of youth dealing with behavioral health issues. Collectively, these experiences enable them to make positive behavior changes, improve self-esteem, gain confidence, and help them learn how to resolve conflicts and develop healthy relationships with adults and peers.

Great Circle’s mission is to reshape vulnerable lives through a community of partners, teachers and leaders that strengthen families and give children confidence to create brighter futures. Great Circle provides specialized behavioral health services, 24-hour care, respite programs, and education and day treatment programs, including for children on the autism spectrum. It also delivers a broad spectrum of community-based services, including parental support programs, foster/adoptive care, assessments, crisis management and family stabilization.

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